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  • Memorial Benches

    Memorials can be structures, objects or written statements that honor loved ones, the lives or efforts of those who helped or saved others, or even serve as landmarks. Memorials can take on many forms, shapes, and sizes depending on the purpose and use of the memorial. Most memorials are personalized to honor others, their work, or memory. It is not uncommon for friends or family to present memorial gifts to surviving family members in honor of a loved one.
  • Municipal Public Park Furniture

    Municipalities face many issues when it comes to choosing commercial outdoor furniture for their city design. In their effort to create a livable and sustainable environment, city planners must choose commercial patio furniture that is ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible. Park and recreation planning, site planning, landscape planning, historic preservation and reclamation, and ecological planning and design are among these concerns. A growing number of municipalities are incorporating green laws, designed to nurture, preserve, protect, and rebuild nature in urban environments. Oxford Garden’s collections of commercial furniture are the perfect solution to address these concerns.
  • Universities & School Furniture

    Over the last few years universities and schools of all types have taken a greater interest in the aesthetics of their campuses and have begun to implement commercial furniture into their campuses. Studies of more recent years have also shown that the impressions and attitudes of prospective students and their parents are shaped by the aesthetic beauty, appearance, and livability of the campus grounds.
  • Golf Course Furniture

    Skillfully engineered to be challenging, beautifully sculpted to be aesthetically pleasing, and meticulously maintained, the golf course is an outdoor palace of grand scale that invites visitors to take pleasure in their surroundings while focusing on their personal best. Golf courses exemplify timeless tradition, character, drama, environmental responsibility, and visual aesthetics while blending these elements into a harmonious work of art that appears to be timeless and at one with nature.
  • Restaurant Furniture

    Restaurants are not judged based on the quality of their food alone, but also on the environment that that is created in the establishment. Even before customers can taste the cuisine, there should be an enticement to come in and dine. Oxford Garden’s outdoor furniture has a distinctive style that gives a restaurant’s patio the sophistication it needs to impress potential clientele. After all, the first pieces of furniture seen outside a restaurant should be just as important as the restaurant furniture inside.
  • Hotel & Resort Furniture

    Hotels and resorts are a restful and unforgettable destination for many. Help create an outstanding experience for your guests with Oxford Garden outdoor furniture. Crafted from quality materials, Oxford Garden offers collections that will appeal to the unique style and design of hotel and resort environments. Built with extraordinary craftsmanship, Oxford Garden outdoor furniture will ensure stability and comfort for guests of all ages and is sure to make a statement with its graceful design and lasting beauty.