More and more, restaurants are designed or redesigned to focus on improving the experience of dining out. These days families are eating out often, with both mother and father, or husband and wife working. Business people are taking out clients, singles are going on dates. Americans alone spend close to a billion dollars on dining out every year.

Since so many Americans look to dine out, restaurants should be designed to impress. Customers need to find the entire atmosphere of an establishment alluring. Comfortable seating, spacious tables, pleasing aromas, good acoustics, and friendly service, ultimately shape the impact of a dining experience.

Restaurants are not judged based on the quality of their food alone, but also on the environment that that is created in the establishment. Even before customers can taste the cuisine, there should be an enticement to come in and dine. Oxford Garden’s outdoor furniture has a distinctive style that gives a restaurant’s patio the sophistication it needs to impress potential clientele. After all, the first pieces of furniture seen outside a restaurant should be just as important as the restaurant furniture inside.

What makes Oxford Garden’s outdoor dining furniture selection ideal is its ability to provide comfort and timeless style. These two elements are key in the design of all Oxford Garden’s dining furniture. Each piece of outdoor furniture carries the mark of quality craftsmanship that yields years of service and durability.

Additionally, the furniture is sturdy and soundly constructed to withstand use after use, high traffic or low.

Oxford Garden’s outdoor dining furniture is ideally suited as commercial restaurant furniture. Most of Oxford Garden’s outdoor wood furniture is built from shorea wood, a wood similar to teak with the same desirable qualities. Shorea is a dense tropical hardwood, that resists rot and bug infestation. The wood is much more dense and tightly grained, making shorea outdoor dining furniture even more durable than its closest competitor teak. It is so durable, that is has been the ideal material for ship decking for hundreds of years, and enjoys the status of being the best hardwood for industrial and construction industries. Shorea wood furniture is maintenance optional, naturally weathering to a warm silvery gray, but the golden brown wood color can be maintained by applying Oxford Garden’s Teak Protector. Shorea wood ages beautifully and is well suited to withstand the elements.

If you are looking for a sleeker look, we have our Travira collection of tables and chairs. These pieces are made from a powder-coated aluminum along with teak seating and backing. We also offer the Travira chairs with a composite sling seating and backing in natural and black coloring. The powder-coating on the aluminum gives it a modern appearance. They are light weight and extremely durable, making them the perfect outdoor dining pieces.

The exterior of a restaurant and the quality of its commercial furniture is nearly as important as the quality of the food. The fusion of the two is very important in the creation of a truly enjoyable dining experience. It’s obvious that if the best, most durable restaurant outdoor furniture is desired, then Oxford Garden’s commercial outdoor furniture should be the first choice. Not only for quality and durability, but also, for timeless design and affordability. Make a powerful statement for any restaurant, by setting a perfect tone between outstanding furniture and excellent cuisine.